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Stream Of Change

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I often feel that change is happening to me.

Like I am caught in a stream of constant change, expected to adapt, adjust and acclimatize, often without any warning or preparation.

Resiliency is the new currency for survival in this modern world. The pace of change has only accelerated, with no signs of slowing down. My ability to flow with this stream of change is constantly being tested. At times, I can flow easily. At other times, I struggle greatly.

Change feels hard. Change feels scary. Change feels unsafe.

Even if what lies ahead will be objectively better than what lies here, my survival instinct, which has been hard-coded into my evolutionary biology, tells me to resist change.


Everything changes.

My body and mind are changing. As my body ages, it is changing. Its weight, size, shape, colour, are all different from what they once were. Earlier this year, I got laser eye surgery and now I see further and clearer than I knew was possible. As I understand the patterns of my mind better, I have noticed an ability to better respond in moments of anxiety, stress and uncertainty. I am grateful for the changes that my body and mind continue to experience.

My business is changing. Often when meeting new people socially, I am asked about what my business does, to which my default answer is ‘I am not sure’. It is my way of deflecting the question, as what my business does will change, and unless you are a potential client, it really does not matter. Change is the reason that a decade later, my business continues to be fast growing and highly profitable. There is no other recipe for success in business and career but to embrace change.

My relationships are changing. Moving recently to a new country and continent, watching my sister focus on her growing family, and exploring new interests and hobbies, the people in my day-to-day life are different from before. It is as if every person that I come into contact with is a character in the story of my life. Some are more colourful and impactful than others. Some stick around for many chapters, while others only for brief moments of a single chapter. I welcome the flow of people in, and out, of my life with a smile.


When in a stream, the best choice I can make is to flow in the direction of the stream. To resist it would be quite effortful, and also unsuccessful.

I am not in a stream of change.

I am the stream of change.

To believe that I am caught in a stream of change is an illusion.

Change is like my breath. To breathe is a natural and involuntary process which the organs of my body will automatically do. To breathe does not require any effort on my part, nor could I put effort to control it either for any prolonged period of time.

Similarly, change is an involuntary process that I naturally do and experience. I cannot force or control change, despite my wanting to at times.

What I can do though is bring awareness to this understanding that I am the stream of change. And with greater awareness, I become more open to the flow of my life.

When I resist change, I resist myself.

When I embrace change, I embrace myself.

I am the stream of change in my life. Time to enjoy the ride.

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