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The Most Important Relationship

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Recently, a dear friend, who I was complaining to about some things that have been on my mind as of late, reminded me that I have an abundant treasury of answers to most of my questions. It is sitting inside myself.

This reminder was intriguing yet slightly unsettling, considering my comfort and conditioning to seek wisdom and solutions from external sources. It brought about an unusual pause in my routine - a pause that allowed me to take a deep, cleansing breath and embark on an inward journey of exploration.

The realization that I understand myself more deeply than anyone else has been both liberating and empowering. I have often heard, and now more than ever believe, that the most profound relationship in life is the one with oneself. This is a concept that continues to resonate deeply within me.

Drawing an analogy with a romantic relationship, imagine the strain that would be inflicted upon the partnership if one were to continuously seek counsel from individuals outside of the relationship. Such dependence on external viewpoints could cause an erosion of trust, a diminution of intimacy, and a weakening of the connection that binds two people together.

I've come to see that the relationship I share with myself is just as delicate and deserving of care, if not more so. When I persistently look outside for answers, I inadvertently distance myself from myself. This can lead to feelings of self-abandonment, an odd occurrence given the fact that I have the most comprehensive understanding of myself compared to anyone else.

In my ongoing journey of self-discovery and introspection, a specific mindfulness technique has emerged as a steadfast companion. This is the practice of 'morning pages,' a journaling technique pioneered and popularized by the writer Julia Cameron. The beauty of this method lies in its simplicity and effectiveness. It entails waking up each morning and, before the day's activities begin to clamor for attention, taking a few blank pages and commencing a session of uninterrupted writing. The session lasts for about twenty or thirty minutes, and during this time, my pen remains in continuous motion, capturing the flow of thoughts from my mind directly to paper, without my ‘editor’ inside filtering and shaping every word. This technique has allowed me to delve deeper into the recesses of my consciousness.

The advantage of an intimate relationship, whether it be with a friend, a romantic partner, or myself, is the ability to glean an unfiltered perspective. This raw, uncensored viewpoint often proves invaluable in informing my choices and decisions. It serves as an internal compass guiding me through the maze of life's challenges and opportunities.

In a recent conversation with a new friend, the dynamic nature of values and beliefs was broached. It provoked an intellectual debate that, while invigorating, also offered some valuable insights. One such insight was the understanding that my life, like everyone else’s, is a sculpted piece of art. It takes form from the multitude of choices I make, which are in turn influenced by my beliefs and my deeply ingrained values. This interconnected chain forms the backbone of my existence, lending structure and meaning to my life.

My relationship with myself acts as a connecting bridge to these values and beliefs. It reminds me of my core principles and the ideals I hold dear. Every time I embark on an introspective journey, I am reminded of what matters most to me, and this gives me a clarity of vision. It helps me to prioritize my goals and identify what truly merits my time and attention.

I am privileged to have an array of resources at my disposal. From friends with diverse life experiences to authors I admire, from thought leaders who inspire me to professionals dedicated to unraveling the complexities of the human psyche - there's no dearth of external sources of wisdom. However, amidst this overwhelming variety, I sometimes forget to tap into the most crucial resource - myself.

Maintaining an ongoing connection with myself is like nurturing any other relationship. It demands time, attention, and patience. There are times when I've taken this relationship for granted, times when I've been negligent, but then there are also moments when I've held this relationship in the highest regard, acknowledging its sanctity.

I cannot emphasize enough the importance of the relationship I have with myself. It serves as my anchor, providing stability and strength. It provides a solid foundation upon which I can construct the edifice of my life with confidence and peace of mind, free from the gnawing uncertainties of self-doubt and confusion.

In times of turmoil and indecision, it is my inner self that offers clarity. It reassures me about my capabilities, highlights my priorities, and boosts my confidence. This understanding of my own psyche serves as a pillar of support, making the journey of life smoother and more manageable.

Every time I confront confusion, which given the unpredictability of life could be as early as later today, or perhaps tomorrow, or the day after, I know where to turn.

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