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The Most Valuable Real Estate

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There is a piece of real estate that I have discovered to be the most valuable in the world.

This most valuable place is more often than not heavily occupied. It at times will feel like a subway train during rush hour, or like a popular tourist attraction on a sunny weekend. Crowded. Noisy. Even a bit chaotic.

Unlike most other places of unique and clear value, where there is a price to enter or some other friction involved to experience it, this most valuable place is open for all to come and go freely. No entry ticket required. No questions asked.

This place is so valuable that people come and set up encampments, and overstay their welcome. What may have started as an innocent intention to come for a short visit often quickly evolves into a more permanent stay.

As if this most valuable place is not full enough, there is a desire for more. More people. More activities. More ideas. It can feel overwhelming to step inside this place given all that goes on inside.

While other valuable places are heavily guarded and the contents protected, this most valuable place has no doors, is never closed and is open for anyone to come and go as they please, and to take whatever they please.

Although this most valuable place is mine, I rarely feel in control of it.

This most valuable place that I speak of is not a physical space. It is more valuable than any physical place that I could own or occupy.

The most valuable real estate in my world is the space inside my mind.

If I pause for a moment to inquire about who and what occupies this most valuable space, I see so much that surprises me.

Yet I need not be surprised, as the more I pay attention to the furniture of my mind, the more I begin to understand that my mind is a mirror of my life.

The information I consume, the company that I keep, the choices that I make, are all reflected in my mind. The most valuable real estate in my world is not something I can control by choosing who to invite in and who to ask to leave. This most valuable space is influenced by the choices I make in everyday living. The choices I make are influenced by what I value.

This understanding inspires me to live with more intention, as this most valuable space in my world is reserved for who and what I value.

The reason it is the most valuable real estate in my world is because it shows me what I value. And to know myself is to understand what it is that I value.

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