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The Impermanence Of This Moment

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A few days ago, I held my newborn nephew for the first time and I noticed how my attention was immediately captivated, unlike ever before.


Despite him being asleep in my arms

Breathing ever so softly that he was hardly audible

Completely immobile and stationary

He continued to capture and draw in all of my attention.

Despite my years of meditation

And weeks of retreats on end

This moment was unlike no other

As my attention continued to rest on his face, effortlessly.

Despite the cuteness of what was in my arms

An inner wisdom spoke to me

One deeper than intellect or emotion

That he will never be like this ever again.

The impermanence of this moment is what focuses my attention, effortlessly.

His tiny nose, ears, fingers and toes

The difficulty he has to open his eyes and his sensitivity to light

The innocence of each gentle movement, as if in slow motion

The softness of his skin, that feels unlike any surface I have ever touched before.

It will all change

Some of it sooner

Some of it later

It will all change.

In this moment

I feel no resistance to change

I feel no fear or anxiety about change

I feel only pure acceptance of change.

I can now sit peacefully and quietly

With the understanding that this moment, and everything about it

Is impermanent

My attention is here, effortlessly.

Everything changes

First, I can choose to become aware of this

Second, I can choose to understand this

Third, I can choose to accept this, without condition.

This moment is impermanent

There is beauty and sadness in this

Once I accept this

My attention is here, effortlessly.

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