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How To Dream

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I have had my fair share of disappointments in life. And I know that that will continue. Why? Because I choose to continue to dream.

Dreams, the whispers of my soul, have fueled my journey of relentless passion, a rollercoaster of emotions, and endless learning. My pursuit of dreams has always been about chasing after what sets my heart on fire, even if it means exposing myself to the likely risk of disappointment.

There have been moments in my life when I unconsciously prioritized safety and security. A stable routine, a controlled lifestyle, consistent places and people, and avoiding risks provided the illusion of having everything figured out. I spent my days fulfilling my responsibilities and my evenings doing the familiar, enjoying the warmth of my comfort zone.

Inevitably though, the weight of feelings of dissatisfaction grow heavier, and the potential for something more becomes impossible to ignore. Deep down, I know I am capable of so much more, and the restlessness inside becomes too loud to silence.

Taking the leap and following my heart meant leaving the safety of my comfort zone behind. These decisions change everything about my life. Like starting a company out of school, way before it was cool to even consider something like this. Or recently, moving to Portugal on a whim without knowing a single person or doing any research in advance.

The risks I continue to take help create the most memorable and meaningful moments in my life, and they teach me that playing it safe is no way to live.

The journey of dreaming is not easy though. There have been moments when my dreams seemed impossible to reach, when disappointments felt insurmountable. In these moments, I had to dig deep within myself and find the strength to keep moving forward. I learned that disappointment is an inevitable part of the process, and without it is no growth.

As I continue to chase my dreams, I realize that focusing solely on an end outcome leaves me feeling perpetually dissatisfied. Always striving for the next milestone, never taking the time to appreciate how far I have come. I started to shift my mindset and celebrate along the way, by sharing with those around me more. The journey, the growth I experience, the relationships I build, and the wisdom I gain become just as important as achieving my dreams.

Surrounding myself with people who believe in and encourage my dreams is vital. They lift my spirits during tough times and remind me of what is possible. I find solace in friends who share my passion and who inspire me.

Disappointments are a given when I dream. Be it in business, relationships, or hobbies, dreaming is not dreaming if everything is known. That is called planning, not dreaming. Dreaming involves the space for the unknown, which can be both terrifying and thrilling.

It's interesting to consider that animals, plants, and trees likely don't dream. They exist, grow, and thrive without the need for aspirations or goals. Some might even say that not dreaming is akin to being a vegetable. Even AI, as advanced as it is becoming, probably doesn't dream either. As humans, we are unique in our ability to dream, to imagine a better future, and to create a path towards it. Our dreams and aspirations are what set us apart and give us the power to shape our world in extraordinary ways.

My journey, with all its challenges and disappointments, has taught me that dreaming is a gift. It's a privilege to strive for the stars and to learn from the stumbles along the way. The difference between playing to not lose and playing to win lies in the willingness to embrace dreams, to accept disappointment, and to keep moving forward, no matter what. By choosing to play to win, I've transformed my life into a daring adventure filled with purpose, passion, and growth.

As I continue to chase my dreams and embrace the disappointments that come along the way, I am constantly reminded of the power of dreaming. Our dreams have the potential to change not only our own lives but also the lives of those around us and the world at large. By daring to dream, we open ourselves up to greater possibilities and the chance to leave a lasting impact.

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