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21 questions to make peace with 2021

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It is now time to make peace with the past year.

First, a poem about why this practice of inner peace making is so powerful, followed by 21 reflective questions to help make peace with the past.


The choice to make peace with my past

To start a new year with a clean slate, and not a to-do list

To not drag into the new year all of my unfulfilled desires, only some of them

To not carry all of my unprocessed emotions and unhealed wounds forward

To acknowledge the people, opportunities, experiences and myself, for all that is good

To find closure on what I have been resisting to accept about the world, and myself

To remember the moments that I laughed so much that it hurt

To remember the moments that I cried so much that it hurt

To appreciate the pleasant surprises that brought the most beautiful smile to my face

To give space to the moments I felt disappointed and discouraged

To recognize that most of the fears I carried this year were unnecessary

To relive the moments that I most felt alive, aligned and authentic

To go beyond the noise and responsibilities, and tune into what my heart has to tell me

To rediscover what it is about life that I now feel inspired by and attracted to

To invite in new possibility, and to be called to, not frightened by, change

To understand that the best parts of my life are not planned


21 questions to help make peace with 2021

You might choose to answer these out loud with a close friend or family member, or you might choose to answer them privately in a journal. Take some time in the coming days to become curious about the year that was in your life.

What did I learn about the world?

What did I learn about those around me?

What did I learn about myself?

What new skills or knowledge did I gain?

When did I feel inspired?

When did I feel discouraged?

When did I feel fearless?

When did I feel scared?

What was most difficult for me?

What sparked joy for me?

When did I feel most myself?

When did I feel least myself?

Who am I appreciative of?

Whom have I been upset with, and why?

What am I most proud of?

What am I least proud of?

How is my identity evolving?

What am I most looking forward to?

What do I desire most for the world?

What does my heart desire?

What are the values that are guiding me right now?

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