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Mindfulness Guide To New York City

New York has become the mindfulness capital of the world. Here are some of the endless opportunities to connect with communities grounded in mindfulness practices.



Inscape (Chelsea)
Audio recording led meditations for consistency
50+ classes per week, see schedule

Insight Meditation Centre (Flatiron)
Meditation classes, lectures and gatherings
10+ sessions per week, see schedule

Kadampa (Chelsea, plus other branches)
Buddhist meditation centres
Chelsea, 30+ classes/week
Williamsburg, 4 classes/week
East Village, Wed 7-830pm
Harlem, Mon 7-815pm
UES, Wed 7-830pm
UWS, Mon 730-845pm
New Jersey, 3 locations

Modrn Sanctuary (Flatiron)
Wellness centre with a variety of classes and services
See schedule

MNDFL (GreenwichUESWilliamsburg)
Modern mindfulness studio with 100+ classes/week
Schedules: GreenwichUESWilliamsburg

Still Mind Zendo (Union Sq)
Zen meditation community
See calendar

Village Zendo (Soho)
Community in the Soto Zen tradition
Mon-Fri 730-830am, 1230-130pm
Tues & Thur 530-720pm, Wed 630-820pm
Sun 930am-1230pm

Vipassana NY (Midtown)
Alumni centre with regular sits
M-F, 6-7pm, 7-8pm
See schedule for more

Wake Up (Union Sq)
Mindfulness sit, walk and sharing circle
Fri 8-10pm

We Breathe (Soho)
Deep breathing workshops
Sat 1pm



Assemblage (NoMadFiDiPAS)
Curated events open to the public from this mindful co-working community

Yoga and dinner with like minded people

Medi Club (Chelsea)
Monthly community gathering with group meditation, performances, conversations

MoMa Quiet Mornings (Midtown)
Monthly(ish) chance to walk the museum in silence and meditate

Open Centre (Murray Hill)
Education centre with hundreds of interesting classes on every topic

Presence@Play (Union Sq)
Improv games mixed with mindfulness

Rubin Museum (Chelsea)
Himalayan art museum
Live music (and free access) every Fri 6-9pm

Sharing circles that gather every few weeks



Bhakti Centre (East Village)
Energetic Hare Krishna kirtan chanting
Tues 715-815pm, Thur 7-9pm

SGI (Union Sq)
Buddhist nam-myoho-renge-kyo chanting
Sun 8-930am

Sivananda Centre (Chelsea)
Satsangs with meditation, chanting and lecture
Wed 745-915pm, Sun 615-8pm



5Rythms (Union Sq)
Mindful movement and dance experience
Sun 11am-1pm
Tues 730-930pm
Wed 8-930pm
Fri 730-930pm

Day Breaker (various)
Early morning dance party
Every few weeks

Ecstatic Dance (Greenwich)
Fun dance experience without stimulants
Every other Tues 7-11pm

The Get Down (Brooklyn)
Dance party with good beats and lots of sweat
Every few weeks

And More


The Joy List
Weekly curated newsletter with different experiences


The 2 Minute Daily Meditation
A simple practice to get started with meditation

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