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Mindtech is a new purpose-based ecosystem comprised of leaders, entrepreneurs and organizations who are investing in ideas, projects and businesses that use technology to solve mental health problems.

Mental health can be defined broadly, including serious medically diagnosed mental illnesses, general emotional, social and mental wellness, and mental performance and fitness. Here is a framework to help redefine mental health.

While over the past few decades we have made significant progress in understanding physical health, we have barely scratched the surface in understanding mental health. Over the next few decades, mental health will continue to be one the biggest issues we face.

The challenges ahead are many and an ecosystem approach will be required to have a chance at addressing the problems we face. Individual point solutions on their own will not be enough. No single product, service, app, practice, teaching, technique, research insight or scientific breakthrough will be the “silver bullet” to address the mental health issues facing our society. We need an ecosystem of leaders, innovators, entrepreneurs, funders, policy makers, teachers, scientists and consumers all contributing, collaborating and supporting one another for us to have a real chance at solving this.

Over the past few years, I have been connecting with like-minded people to help identify, foster and support a new purpose-based ecosystem that is forming. The ideas and intentions are many and I am excited about this ecosystem growing and solving mental health problems with technology.

Connect with me to share and learn more.

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