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Guided Meditations

Access on-demand guided meditations

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Guided Meditations

Listen to my featured recordings below

🎵 Appreciation

Appreciation is a powerful feeling that is amplified once shared, and enriching to those who feel it.

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🎵 Fearless

Learning to be fearless and open in a rapidly changing world.

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🎵 Impermanence

Drawing in on the notion that everything changes, and focusing on those changes within you.

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🎵 Conditions to Live

To live is to breathe. Everything on top of that is a bonus.

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🎵 Sounds of Nature

Using the sounds of nature as the focus to deepen concentration.

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🎵 Morning Pages

A powerful meditation aided with a free writing technique to start your day, more here:

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Start Meditating

Read my guide about how to get started with meditation
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