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I believe we have two states in life.

One where we participate in life and the other where we observe life.

I choose to participate as much as I can in life.

Currently, I identify as a business leader, volunteer and mindfulness practitioner. 

That will change, as everything does with time.

For now, here is a bit more about me, my blog and how to connect with me.


How I Invest My Time

Business Leader

Polar is a technology business in the digital media industry.

I started the business over a decade ago and continue to lead it full-time.

We have offices in New York, Toronto, London and Sydney.


Mental health is a cause I feel deeply passionate about. 

CAMH is Canada’s leading mental health hospital, where I sit on the board. 

Mindtech is a new ecosystem forming at the intersection of mental health and technology.

Mindfulness Practitioner

The bridge from my inner to outer worlds is anchored in mindfulness practices.

Meditation and yoga are beautiful practices that I both study and teach.

Here is a guide that I'm building for mindfulness communities in New York.


What I Write About

Mindful Leadership

My approach and beliefs have evolved significantly over the past several years, as I continue to reflect deeply about how to lead.

Technology Culture

I have been experimenting for years about what a more intentional relationship with technology may look like in different dimensions of life.

Awareness & Introspection

As I continue to explore my inner world, new insights and discoveries continue to bring wonder and delight into my consciousness.

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