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Thought-provoking conversations between friends about the possibilities for humanity as we transition from B.C. (Before Coronavirus) to A.C. (After Coronavirus).

Recorded Conversations

Mental Wellbeing.jpeg
Mental Wellbeing
Published on: May 08, 2020

Jerry Reed and Kunal Gupta connect on their shared passion for mental well-being, the importance of thinking beyond one self, the role of human connection in suicide prevention and why a possibility for the future does not mean that it is automatically an inevitability.

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Perspectives on Connection.jpeg
Perspectives On Connection
Published on: May 08, 2020

Erica Young and Kunal Gupta share how their global communities have come alive in this time, what it means to be intentional about the connections we keep, building greater empathy for others and distinguishing between a sprint versus marathon that we all find ourselves in now.

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How we gather.jpeg
How We Gather
Published on: May 08, 2020

Jenn Louie and Kunal Gupta reflect on what the lockdown is really teaching us about community, how we currently and may want to gather online, the power of human connection, their respective relationships with Vipassana meditation and raise deeper questions about purpose.

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Spotlight on Emotion.jpeg
Spotlight On Emotion
Published on: May 07, 2020

Andrew Dunn, Jay Vidyarthi and Kunal Gupta highlight how emotion influences our experience through life, how skills impacts the quality of our connections, a vision for a different political future and come to terms with the changes in digital wellness movement.

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The Sober Company.jpeg
The Sober Company
Published on: May 02, 2020

Lacey Browne, Nik Ramachandran and Kunal Gupta reflect on their passion for sober culture and respective journeys, discuss coping mechanisms and debate whether meditation is a form of escapism.

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Experiment and Explore.jpeg
Experiment And Explore
Published on: May 02, 2020

Adrian Choo and Kunal Gupta reflect together about lifestyle experiments they feel inspired about and explore the future of therapy purpose-built for a modern After Coronavirus society.

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Transformation With Intention
Published on: May 02, 2020

Mathew Lazarus, Neil Rajpal and Kunal Gupta reflect together about digital fatigue in lockdown, how our attitudes towards work culture are and need to evolve, and the journey of inner transformation.

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The Future of Work.jpeg
The Future Of Work
Published on: April 17, 2020

Zack Bennett and Kunal Gupta reflect on the future of work, including the search for purpose & meaning, the impact of work on identity, alternate corporate and economic structures and the relevance of a mindfulness practice to support authenticity, even in the context of profession.

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Everyone's People.jpeg
Everyone's People
Published on: April 11, 2020

Trevor Coleman and Jay Vidyarthi talk about personal vs. societal risk in this pandemic, America failing to continue its global leadership, leaders as caretakers, how human psychology maps onto societal forces, how beautiful it is that so many people are actually social distancing, and how exciting going to a parade will be when this is all over.

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Pop Goes The World.jpeg
Pop Goes The World
Published on: April 5, 2020

Kunal Gupta and Jay Vidyarthi connect again a few weeks into the coronavirus quarantine. We discuss online board games, great books, and the human tendency to oversimplify. We explore what it means to reframe the fear that things won't go back to normal into a hope that things won't go back to normal. Topics also include the potential need for many more small businesses in the new world and the valleys of emotional response we face in crisis situations.

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On Leadership
Published on: April 04, 2020

May Pamana and Kunal Gupta reflect passionately on the true essence and key ingredients of leadership in a moment of crisis and share fears and hopes for the future After Coronavirus.

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The Dinosaur And The Bird
Published on: March 24, 2020

Michele Chaban and Jay Vidyarthi reflect on how to “allow the light in” in a time of much darkness, how a healthy relationship with death offers peace for all of us, and how physical isolation can be an act of courage. Michele guides us in a "tonglen" meditation at the end.

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Our Existence
Published on: March 21, 2020

Tita Angangco and Kunal Gupta share reflections on spiritual practice & the road to enlightenment, their respective hopes and desires for humanity in a AC (After Coronavirus) world and highlight some of the skills to cultivate to find meaning and connection in life.

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The Beginning.jpeg
The Beginning
Published on: March 21, 2020

Jay Vidyarthi and Kunal Gupta record an unscripted conversation in the midst of the Coronavirus outbreak. The conversation captures their respective experiences now with the world in lock down mode, including observations, predictions and reflections about the possibilities for humanity as we begin to contemplate a reset in various dimensions of society.

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