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Kunal Gupta

Entrepreneur, Volunteer, Teacher.


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Recent Reflections

My blog is a public journal, where I share reflections on leadership, mindfulness, technology and culture. 

Technology Entrepreneur

Polar is a digital media business that I started over a decade ago and continue to lead.


Our clients include hundreds of media agencies and publishers in 30 countries and we have teams in Toronto, New York, London and Sydney.

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Mental Health Volunteer

Mental health is health.

I am an active volunteer with several organizations and advise several mindtech entrepreneurs.

This includes CAMH, Canada’s leading mental health hospital and research organization, where I am on the board.

Meditation Teacher

Meditation, yoga, journaling and many more mindfulness practices all help me cultivate the skill of awareness.


I host a live meditation, each weekday morning at 930am EST, for friends. I am also writing a book about meditation.


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Interesting Conversations


Thought-provoking conversations between friends about the possibilities for humanity as we transition from B.C. (Before Coronavirus) to A.C. (After Coronavirus).

Year Zero: Recovered Conversations
Mindfulness In Business

Dr. Greg Wells uncovers the transformation that has happened in my life, how I approach business differently now that I meditate and how my day-to-day lifestyle has evolved.

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The Sober Company speaks with me about my sobriety, how I approach my meditation practice and how awareness can lead to a happier, more contented life.

The Sober Company
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Key Takeaways: Mental health is an experience of three distinct traits: mental illness, mental wellness, and mental performance. Attention is the fuel for every activity; wellness, performance, and joy must begin with sustained attention fueled by mental performance. 

Year Zero: Recovered Conversations